Hello and welcome to HOPE Professional Home Organizing. There may be several reasons you are here, but regardless of the reason, welcome!


You may be that busy person that works so hard that when you get home you are just too pooped to clean, much less organize anything.

You may be that family that just had a new baby, or merged households, and can’t quite get control of all the stuff that just accumulated suddenly.

You may be that individual that has lost a loved one and can’t quite sort through their belongings alone.

You may be that family that has a member with a serious illness and caregiving leaves little time for organizing, but the clutter is becoming unbearable.

You may be moving out, or moving in, and with everything else that needs to be taken care of, you can’t quite get to packing or unpacking.

Or you may be that person that has self-proclaimed that you are “just lazy”, “just chronically disorganized, no matter how hard I try” and have just given up on your ability to ever get your home in order.

If you just can’t seem to get organized, regardless of the reason, I may be able to help!

Are you ready to turn over a new leaf?

(That is, to start over, to act in a different manner or change your attitude about something; to change your behavior by changing your environment in a positive way?)


The first step is realizing that you need a helping hand, one who understands and won’t judge you, one that is ready to meet you right where you are at. This doesn’t mean you CAN’T get organized, or that you are unwilling, it just means that you could use some help. We can work side-by-side, or we can just organize a space with your input while you go to work (or watch a movie, etc.), or we can do a combination of both. We start with a FREE consultation so we can see the room(s)/space(s) and ask each other questions.


We will look at the spaces you need help with, discuss your biggest obstacles, and talk about your preferences and availability.


We recognize that the word “organized” means different things to different people. So, we take that into consideration. Our goal is simply this: Give everything a designated home.


Once everything has a specific location in your home, then your job will be to maintain that. Not impossible, rest assured! It’s going to take some practice to develop new habits, but it is not impossible. Ideally, you will take pride in your organized space and not want to mess it up, but here are some tips to help:
1. Before you leave a room, look around and take everything out that doesn’t belong in that space. Return each item to its home.
2. If you have children that use the space, make a game of it and set a timer for 5 to 15 minutes racing to put everything away and beat the timer! Make sure you have a small reward (a coin, a sticker, a treat, etc.) for each child that “wins”. (Confession: sometimes I set the timer just for ME!)

3. Go through your snail mail IMMEDIATELY. Toss the junk in the recycling bin right away, place the bills in your ACTION file, your coupons in your HOUSEHOLD file, and put your appointment reminders on all of your calendars.
4. At the end of each day, make sure your sink is free of dirty dishes. No matter how exhausted you are, you’ll be grateful in the morning!
5. Select tomorrow’s outfit tonight so you won’t end up in a rush leaving a heap of clean clothes to wrinkle all day. (Then you’ll have to iron them!)
6. Gather any items that you’ll need to take with you in the morning and set them by the door. This will save you time, as well as possible clutter if you have to rummage around in a hurry before you leave.

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